My UH-12R

This page is dedicated to the Universal Hovercraft UH-12R that I built in my garage way back in 1995.   It all started when I purchased Universal Hovercraft's catalog for $2 August 20, 1995. I then decided on and purchased the plans for the UH-12R shortly thereafter and started contsruction in early March of 1997 and put $40 into the project every two weeks.

The small pictures below can be clicked on to see a larger image.

The 12R's Performance Data (from catalog)

 Capacity:  1 to 2 persons
 Payload:  500 LBS
 Length:   12 1/2 ft.
 Width:   6 ft.
 Empty Weight:  375 lbs.
 Flotation:  1400 lbs.
 Hover Height:  8 inches
 Speed:   60 MPH
 Climb Gradient to: 60%
 Thrust:   200 - 350 lbs
 Const. Cost:  $500 - $1500
 Const. Time:  100 - 200 hours
  Lift:  8 HP Briggs
  Thrust:  Polaris 440 twin cylinder (55+ HP)
 Thrust Prop:  48" UH
 Lift Fan:  30" UH

The 12R's Construction

This is a partial scan of the 12R plans and only shows the side view. The full sized plans show a top view, a front view, and a side view as well as rib layouts on the first sheet and a second sheet containing details on mechanical structures. I've run into some ambiguity on the plans regarding the layout/shape of the lift duct, the location of the skirt attach strips, and the attachment of the rib 1 at the front of the craft. In my opinion, the plans need to show more detail of the front of the craft.
Construction of the Frame.
Construction of the lift duct.
The Hull.
Construction of the thrust duct.
Construction of the control surfaces.
Construction of the lift system.
Construction of the thrust system.
Miscellaneous contruction details. Hot-wire, lift engine, etc.

Pictures of the 12R in action.