My-UH12R : Frame

Construction of the frame

Construction starts with buying about $50 worth of #2 grade (or better) lumber, cutting it, and gluing into the rib shapes specified in the plans. When the ribs are complete, they are aligned on a jig so that they may be attached together via stringers. This picture is of the ribs aligned on the jig from what will be the front of the hovercraft.
After the ribs are aligned, the stringers are glued and stapled into place. My father-in-law's air stapler has been the most valuable tool on this project. This view is from what will be the aft end of the hovercraft (Sorry that the photo is so dark, my camera was having problems... couldn'ta been the photographer). Notice that the jig is different from the above pics. Truth is, I changed the jig at least 3 times finally deciding upon two solid core fire doors which I covered with 1/2" plywood into which I screwed guides so that I could make sure the ribs were straight and level before attaching the stringers. This was the most exciting part of the construction to this point because the hovercraft became 3-Dimensional. Now, where was I gonna keep it?